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Interrupted Dreams

Interrupted Dreams is a fictional domestic thriller Inspired by true events. The suspense has readers unable to put it down.


He was her dream, and she was his. After years of searching, Angie and Justin find themselves in the grip of romance. The dream life they've set out to build could be perfect, but even the most beautiful dream can become a nightmare.

Obsession and deceit clash as eyes watch from darkness, seeking their own deadly ends. Angie and Justin, and an unrequited love, find themselves on a collision course the likes of which none may survive.

There is more than mere happiness at stake as buried secrets are uncovered, fragile lives are shattered, and fate's cruel hands are bloodied.

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About Silas

In February of 2012, Silas was awakened out of a deep slumber by the crack of a wooden baton to his skull. Immediately jumping out of bed, he found himself in a fight for his life. 


Spoiler alert: he escaped.

However, the assault left Silas with a wound from a gunshot that entered his left cheek, traveled below his ear, and exited the neck merely an inch from his spine. The back of his head required thirteen staples plus numerous stitches after the attack. The scar above his left eye reminds him of that first hit as he slept.


All because he fought to stay in his children’s lives after divorcing his now ex-wife.



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