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In February of 2012, Silas was awakened out of a deep slumber by the crack of a wooden baton to his skull. Immediately jumping out of bed, he found himself in a fight for his life. 

Spoiler alert: he escaped.

However, the assault left Silas with a wound from a gunshot that entered his left cheek, traveled below his ear, and exited the neck merely an inch from his spine. The back of his head required thirteen staples plus numerous stitches after the attack. The scar above his left eye reminds him of that first hit as he slept.

All because he fought to stay in his children’s lives after divorcing his now ex-wife.

For years, Silas considered ways to turn this event into something positive. His ultimate goal has been to raise awareness for male victims of domestic abuse, which is a lightly explored space. Men’s reluctance to approach authorities or mental health experts has resulted in difficulty gathering accurate information. One Study showed strikingly different reactions when a female experienced abuse in public versus males in the same situation. The laughter that can be seen when a male was abused explains much of that reluctance.

With each attempt to create the full story in a non-fiction format, Silas failed to visualize the full story.  So, he took things in a new direction. His first novel, Interrupted Dreams is a fictional thriller based on true events.  It is book one of the Interrupted Dreams Trilogy.

Silas now calls North Carolina home as he raises his two young men and their dog, Riju.

A portion of the proceeds from his books will go to various causes fighting domestic abuse and violence.

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